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    What is a Breast Biopsy?

    A Breast Biopsy under Ultrasound Guidance is a procedure that is done in the office by Dr. Hardy to sample a lump or cyst that is in the breast. It involves a needle that goes into the breast while Dr. Hardy monitors its progression with the ultrasound machine.

    When is it used?

    A breast biopsy is recommended when a patient has a mass or lump that is palpable by a physician or nurse practitioner. A breast ultrasound can also help the provider determine if a biopsy needs to be done. This is done to help diagnose a breast mass as either benign or malignant which could be Breast Cancer.

    How do I prepare for the Breast Biopsy?

    This procedure is done in the office. You will have the option of taking Valium prior to the biopsy. If you decide to use this medication, you will need to have someone drive you to and from the appointment.

    What happens during the procedure?

    Dr. Hardy will numb the area of the breast in which the needle will enter. He will then take anywhere from 1-5 samples in order to adequately diagnose the breast mass. The ultrasound is used during the entire procedure to allow the correct sample to be taken.

    What happens after the procedure?

    The nurse will clean the area and place a gauze pad and bandage over the incision. She will initially place pressure on top of the incision to stop the bleeding. You will be given pain medication to take as needed afterwards. You will then follow up in the office to get your biopsy results as well as have the breast mass and incision checked in 2 weeks. You may notice a dark purple bruise on the breast that was biopsied. This should go away in 2 weeks.

    What are the benefits of this procedure?

    The benefits of having this procedure are to help diagnose the breast mass in order to provide complete health care. It can also help relieve unnecessary worries or stress once the breast mass has been identified. Having a biopsy performed will also help initiate therapy earlier in order to improve the prognosis.

    What are the risks associated with this procedure?

    Some of the possible complications that could occur are:

    • Excessive bleeding
    • Surgical wound infection
    • Unsightly scar on breast (called keloid); this is rare
    • Minor changes in the contour of the breast if the sample taken is large.

    What are the risks associated with this procedure?

    Call the office right away if:

    • You experience pain, swelling, redness, drainage or bleeding that increases at the incision site
    • The biopsy site becomes warm and red
    • You develop fever over 101 degrees
    • You develop new, unexplained symptoms. The drugs used during the treatment may produce side effects

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