Hello everyone. My name is Dr. IC, short for interstitial cystitis. I’m a personal avatar for Atlantic
Gynecology and urogynecology in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I am here to talk to you about novel
treatments for interstitial cystitis developed at Atlantic Gynecology in Virginia Beach. The new
therapy has helped many women with their symptoms that have been present for many years.
They sleep through the night, which has been the most amazing improvement that lasts up to a
year. Most women that have undergone the therapy have had less urinary frequency. They are
able to enjoy simple daily functions like sit through a movie or enjoy dinner with friends without
having to constantly go to the bathroom. Many patients have made mention of going on long
road trips with few stops at rest areas. They tell me that they have less incontinent episodes
during the day and night, and most importantly, they have less pelvic pain and pain with sexual

Do not take my word for it. We have videos of testimonials of actual patients on YouTube that
talk about how it has changed their lives for the better. Just look up interstitial cystitis, Timothy J.
Hardy, and you can see testimonial videos. Thank you for watching this video. If you want to find
out more, contact us at Atlantic obgyn@gmail.com. Subscribe to our YouTube channel, tell your
friends and family so that we may be able to help more people that are suffering with interstitial
cystitis. It is important to note this is a new procedure. Most insurance plans do not cover this
procedure as it is new. This procedure rejuvenates the bladder, making the bladder wall
impermeable to urine. It repairs the leaky bladder wall.