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What is Novel Treatment of IC?

While many women suffer from interstitial cystitis, it is often underdiagnosed. It is common to struggle with symptoms for years before being diagnosed with IC. IC is a chronic condition with no known cure. Dr. Hardy has a special interest in treatment of this difficult condition. He is now offering a novel treatment option for IC for patients who have not seen improvement in their symptoms with first-line therapies.

Are you suffering from bladder pain?

Interstitial cystitis, or IC, is a chronic condition that affects the bladder. It’s often underdiagnosed and can cause severe discomfort. Symptoms include pelvic pain, pressure in the pelvis and lower abdomen, urinary frequency and urgency, painful sexual intercourse (dyspareunia), constipation or diarrhea.

There is no known cure for interstitial cystitis but there are treatment options available to help manage symptoms of this difficult condition.

Dr Hardy has a special interest in treating patients with IC who have not seen improvement in their symptoms with first-line therapies such as dietary changes and prescription medications. He offers a novel treatment option called intravesical therapy which involves injecting medication directly into the bladder using an ultrasound machine to guide placement of the needle through your urethra. This minimally invasive procedure can provide relief for many women who suffer from interstitial cystitis without having to take oral medications every day or undergo surgery!

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