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    Fetal Movement Counting

    One of the best ways to keep track of a healthy baby is to notice he/she movements. Healthy babies are very active, particularly in the evening after dinner however, some perfectly normal babies may sleep quietly for as long as 60 minutes without moving. Babies who are having problems are sluggish and move less. The decrease in the number of movements may provide your doctor with a warning sign of developing problems. You should begin this counting routine at the beginning of 26 weeks. The instructions below are to help you and your doctor be sure that your baby is feeling well.


    • You may count anytime of the day when you feel the baby is most active. For most women, this will be in the evening after dinner when you are lying down and quiet. Lying on your side is best. Record the time you start counting.

    • Count ten separate times the baby moves. A movement may be a kick, turn, or flip of the baby.

    • Record the time you feel the 10th movement. If you count 10 movements in less than two hours, stop counting until tomorrow. If 2 hours pass with less than 10 movements and you have been counting during the day, call your doctor. Remember that counting your baby’s movements should not be done while watching television or other activities that may distract your attention.


    • The baby may move all 10 times in one half hour or less.

    • The baby may take up to 2 hours to move 10 times.

    • The important thing is to know what is normal for your baby so you can tell your doctor when something different is happening.


    • If you do not feel 10 movements in 2 hours.

    • You have not felt the baby move all day.

    • If it is taking longer and longer each evening to get the 10 movements.

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