Common Discomforts In Pregnancy


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    Common Discomforts In Pregnancy

    Ankle/Foot Swelling 2nd trimester to the end Wear comfortable shoes. Prop your feet up on a stool while sitting. Don’t cross legs. Drinks lots of fluids.
    Breast Tenderness Early and Continues Wear good sports bar day and night. Soak in warm bath.
    Breast Leakage 2nd trimester Wear breast pads that don’t have plastic linings. Avoid harsh soaps, creams, ointments. Avoid hot water on breasts.
    Do not squeeze nipple or breasts.
    Bleeding Gums All Use a very soft tooth brush and gently brush teeth. Get routine dental care.
    Constipation 2nd trimester to end Eat foods high in fiber every day. Drink lots of fluids. Exercis daily, walk after meals. Avoid stimulants or laxatives.
    After 20 weeks Lie down on your left side for about 20 minutes. Drink 2-3 glasses of water or juice. Walk around.
    Enlarging Belly & Breast 2nd half of pregnancy Sleep on your side with a pillow between your legs and lower abdomen. Wear loose, comfortable clothing.
    Wear a supportive bra, even to bed.
    Fatigue and Tiredness Early and again in the last month Take extra naps during day if possible. Continue exercise but not to the point of exhaustion. Try to get at
    least 8 hours of sleep per night.
    Flatulence Anytime, especially after 20 weeks Try to schedule your daily bowel movements. Avoid gas forming foods such as beans and soda. Increase bulk and water to diet. Increase exercise.
    Frequent Urination Early, gets better in middle, then increased towards the end. Know where the bathrooms are when out and about. Don’t cut back on fluids. Expect to make many trips to the bathroom day and night. Avoid drinkings lots of fluids right before bedtime.
    Headache 1st half Avoid Aspirin or Ibuprofen, Motrin, Advil, Alleve. Avoid eye strain. Frequent eye rests and computer breaks. Use Tylenol
    regular or extra strength as directed.
    Heartburn 2nd trimester until the end Eat more frequently and smaller meals. Do not lay down right away after eating. Eat slowly and chew your food well. Avoid
    deep fried, greasy,spicy foods.Antacids as directed are safe. Drink fluids between meals and not so much during. Go for a
    walk after meals.
    Hemorrhoids Anytime Avoid constipation. Apply cold witch hazel pads or hemorroid oinment. Do Kegel exercises. Take sitz baths.
    Increased Sweating Anytime Increase fluids. Easily washable, comfortable, loose fitting clothes. Good hygiene. Try a different brand of deodorant.
    Increased Saliva 1st trimester Gum and hard candy. Mouthwash. Avoid starchy foods.
    Increased Vaginal Discharge Throughout Pregnancy Wear cotton underwear, don’t wear pantyliners or pads. Avoid nylon panty hose, feminine hygiene soaps or sprays.
    No douching. Report to office if discharge is greenish, thick, cheesy or has strong odor.
    Insomnia Anytime but mainly in 3rd trimester Try a warm bath prior to bed. Do not have stimulating activity before bed, sex is OK. Use relaxation technique.
    Place pillow between legs and under lower abdomen.
    Leg Cramps 2nd half of pregnancy Try eating bananas or drinking orange juice every day. Stand up on flat surface, point your ankle and toes as if you
    were standing, try walking or curling your toes.
    Liagment Pain (sharp pulling sensation on either side of lower abdomen) Increases with increasing uterus size Support your weigh with your hands when changing positions. Move slower. Tylenol as directed. Apply ice to affected side. Use maternity belt.
    Lean back in a slant postion supporting your back with your knees bent.
    Lightheadedness & Dizziness Begins early and continues Stop what you are doing and lie on your left side with legs curled up for a short time. Get up slowly from a lying down position
    Low Backache 2nd half of pregnancy Good body mechanics helps. Keep back straight and head up. Avoid bending at waist. Wear supportive shoes, no flats or high heels. Avoid prolonged
    standing, move around frequently. Get back rubs, firm mattress, do pelvic rock exercise to strengthen back.
    Nasal Stuffiness & Nose Bleeds 1st trimester and again at the end Use humidifier/vaporizer if air is dry. Sudafed or Benadryl as directed. Saline Nasal Spray. Blow nose gently.
    Nausea, morning sickness Early in pregnancy & usually improves after 1 trimeste Nibble some crackers or gingersnaps before getting up in the morning. Wait an hour before drinking any liquids. Avoid strong odors. Drink
    between meals only.Chew gum and hard candy. Sip on room temperature drinks. Eat small snacks in between meals. Sit and put your
    head down between your legs.
    Varicose Veins Increases as pregnancy continues Put support hose, ace wraps or elastic stockings on while in bed, before getting up for the day. Avoid tight clothing. Avoid crossing legs. Use good posture.
    Vision Changes Throughout pregnancy Don’t buy a new prescription for your glasses because your vision will probably go back to pre-pregnancy vision. Take frequent eye breaks.You may not
    be able to wear contact lenses.

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