What can be done to help prevent infertility?


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    You can lower your chances of having these problems. Here’s what you can do:

    • Use latex condoms when you have sex. This helps prevent the diseases that people get from having sex. These diseases often cause problems later on.

    • Have sex only with your partner.

    • Do not use lubricants when you have sex.

    • Do not drink alcohol.

    • Do not use street drugs.

    • Ask Dr. Hardy or the Nurse Practitioner about the medicines you use.

    Call the office if you have any problems. Watch for:

    • a discharge from the vagina that is not normal

    • a pain in your abdomen

    • fever

    • bleeding from your vagina that is not normal

    • a change in your periods

    • pain when you have sex

    • sores and itching in the vagina or rectal area

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